NC Bicycle Crash Open Data

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North Carolina’s 3rd Datapalooza is just around the corner.  It will be this Saturday, May 16th, at the American Underground @Main Street in Durham.   In preparation, the organizers have been pulling together Open Data to present to participants.  We’re going to feature state data from the Secretary of State, the Department of Commerce, the State Treasurer and the Department of Transportation. 

One of my favorite open data sets is the Bicycle Crash Data from the NC Department of Transportation.  The dataset contains over 50 variables about each verified bicycle crash in North Carolina from 2007-2012 and has been curated by the UNC Highway Safety Research Center.  NC DOT has been providing access to this data with a query tool on their website that lets you view information by county and region or compare two crash factors. Last year, DOT liberated this dataset and it’s hosted on the NC Datapalooza Open Data Portal.  I’m excited to see what entrepreneurs and policymakers will be able to do with this dataset!


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