Public Sector Strategy

The public sector can be opaque, difficult to navigate and risk averse.  We help clients make informed, strategic decisions about whether or not to engage in public sector activity and activity that is impacted by regulatory and policy issues. 

  • After developing an understanding of a client’s current portfolio of services and products, we identify and analyze public sector markets; evaluate potential opportunities for business fit, scale and barriers to entry; and then take clients through a strategic decision making process to identify what public sector activities make sense for them.
  • We work with clients to implement their public sector strategies.
  • As clients evaluate private sector activity, we equip them with the understanding of the impact regulatory and policy issues would have on their business case.

For clients that are already active in the public sector, we develop strategies for achieving sales and policy goals, evaluate and optimize existing public sector strategies, and guide their implementation.   We also provide training for client staff on understanding the constraints that affect the public sector and how to effectively engage public sector entities.

Communications Strategies

A proactive communication strategy, designed with a client’s strategic objectives and key stakeholders in mind, is critical to success at the nexus of the private and public sectors.  We work with communications teams to

  • Create and focus on strategic goals
  • Identify stakeholders, their interests and their relationships with other stakeholders
  • Design, refine and implement strategic and crisis communication plans

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a fundamental building block for future success.  We facilitate strategic, business and policy planning processes for clients, addressing issues including start-up, issue management, stakeholder identification and buy-in, business planning & growth.