Analytics and the New Medicaid Rules

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5 Pieces of Advice About Analytics and the New Medicaid Rules (Industry Perspective) Analytics have become a vital underpinning to Medicaid managed care policy and program administration. BY ZACH AMBROSE, JEREMY RACINE AND DAN GITTERMAN / JUNE 16, 2016   In April, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (C…... Read More

Where the Grass is Greener

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I heard a story this morning about the fastest growing cities according to the new Census population estimates.  I was curious to see what the population shifts look like across the nation.  So I p…... Read More

NC Bicycle Crash Open Data

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North Carolina’s 3rd Datapalooza is just around the corner.  It will be this Saturday, May 16th, at the American Underground @Main Street in Durham.   In preparation, the organizers have been pulling together Open Data to present to participants…... Read More

Will Energy Efficiency Go the Way of Obamacare?

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I was recently on a panel on the politics and policy of energy efficiency in the Southeast.  The EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) was a major topic of discussion.  I made the point that the roll out of the CPP has the potential to stymie new energy efficiency programs in the near term and increase the likelihood that r…... Read More

Will the EPA Create Winners and Losers?

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Yesterday the EPA announced proposed rules to limit the carbon emissions from electrical generation.  Under the new rules, each state will have to reduce its carbon emissions from power plants by the year 2030.  One of the challenges for national carbon regulations is that some states generate much more carbon per unit o…... Read More

Open Data Returns

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Last spring, I wrote about the upcoming NC DataJam and the event was a big success.  It brought innovators from across the region and local, …... Read More